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Sampon - Convivio 85 Ml

Sampon - Convivio 85 Ml
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Sampon - Convivio 85 Ml

Sampon - Convivio 85 Ml

Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the major luxury brands and enjoys remarkable global brand awareness. To ensure a luxurious travel experience, the Ferragamo Tuscan Soul lifestyle guest collection has been carefully developed to pamper hotel guests targeting the world’s most exclusive luxury hotels. The fragrance Bianco di Carrara is an homage to the beautiful city Carrara with its many winding streets and its precious marble. Bianco di Carrara is an elegant and pure fragrance. The top note is fresh neroli and spicy white pepper. Middle notes are vetiver and fig milk. The basis is tonka bean and flattering, white musk.

Sampon - Convivio 85 Ml

Tip produsSampon
Tip parNormal
Tip samponClasic
Zona corporalaPar

Sampon - Convivio 85 Ml

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Sampon - Convivio 85 Ml

Produsele aflate pe stoc vor ajunge la client in termen de 1 - 3 zile lucratoare de la lansarea comenzii.

Produsele SANO aflate pe stoc vor ajunge la client in termen de 48-72 H de la lansarea comenzii.

Transportul este gratuit pentru toate comenzile mai mari de 175 RON fara TVA.

Comanda minima este 175 RON fara TVA.

  • Disponibilitate: La Comanda
  • Cod produs: HM58425
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